Precision And Accuracy details explanation

Every experimental measurement has some
amount of uncertainty associated with it.

Precision And Accuracy with explanation

precision & accuracy analyze by archery

However, one would always like the results to
be precise and accurate. Precision and
accuracy are often referred to while we talk

about the measurement.

Precision And Accuracy

Precision refers to the closeness of various
measurements for the same quantity.

However, accuracy is the agreement of a particular value to the true value of the result.

For example, if the true value for a result is 2.00 g.

(i)Student-A takes two measurements and

reports the results as 1.95 g and 1.93 g.

These values are precise as they are close to each other but are not accurate.

(ii) Another student-B repeats the experiment and obtains 1.94 g and 2.05 g as the results for two measurements.

These observations are neither precise nor


(iii) Now a third student-C also repeats these measurements and reports 1.97g and 2.03g.

These values are moderately accurate but not precious.

(iv) When a fourth student-D repeats these
measurements and reports 2.01 g and 1.99g

as the result. These values are both precise and accurate.

This can be more clearly understood
from the data given in the table :

 Students        1      2  Average(g) 
  1.95     1.940
  2.05     1.995
   C    1.97   1.03     2.000
   D    2.01   1.99     2.000

Difference between  Precision And Accuracy

Accuracy describes the difference between the measurement and the part’s actual value,while
precision describes the variation you see when you measure the same part repeatedly with the same device

N.B-Precision and accuracy is under the syllabus of JEE main. Download the PDF of JEE Syllabus 2020.

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